Homegrown Vegetables

a little girl tending to a garden

Choosing What Plants to Grow

Choosing the right plants to grow can depend on many factors. Whether you're planning on growing food to survive, or if it's just a hobby, you will need to what plants will grow best in certain conditions. The better plants you choose, the better harvest you can expect.

rows of seedlings sprouting

Planting Your Seeds

Planting a seed is not as simple as you would think. There are certain procedures that one must perform to ensure that the seed is correctly planted and that the plant grows without any problems or deformities. This first step is often overlooked and doesn't get the proper care it needs.

a composter with soil coming out of the bottom

Caring for Your Soil

Another important part of your plant equation is the soil itself. Planting your seed in a high quality soil will ensure great results in size and taste. There must be a certain balance of nutrients and minerals in your soil or your developing plant will not get the nutrients it needs.

a watering bucket next to other gardening supplies

Caring for Your Plant

Once your plant has sprouted out of the soil, there is still work to do. You must make sure your fruits and vegetables are forming correctly. This can include keeping pests away and removing any obstructions from the growing area. You must ensure that all your hard work isn't wasted and eaten by insects.

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